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Shebag respects designer brands and recommends that fashionable women go to a counter or the official website of a designer brand to buy designer bags.
However, products, including designer bags, continue to increase in price, with the price of an ordinary cowhide bag surprisingly exceeding $10,000, far exceeding the value of the designer bag itself, and the designer product industry has no regulatory body to manage product pricing.
Many ladies who love fashion can not afford the high price of designer products, they look for a variety of different quality levels of replica designer bags in the market, and cases of deception often occur.
So Shebag was born to review different quality basic replica bags with the aim of teaching people to learn to identify real and fake designer bags, and also to identify high quality replica bags from low quality replica bags.
For consumers with strong economic power, it is recommended to buy genuine designer bags. But it is not recommended to buy second-hand designer bags, because many top quality replica designer bags in being sold as second-hand authentic, even experienced designer product identification experts can not tell the difference.
Shebag hopes to help you learn more about the identification of designer replica bags.

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