Dior Caro parima kvaliteediga koopiakotid (2022 värskendatud)

图片包含 室内, 小, 桌子, 对


The new exemplary Dior Caro bag is crafted from a tannin blue wash fabric, decorated with the iconic rattan check embroidery in varying shades of wash to create a color blocking effect. The material is soft and the flap is adorned with a vintage gold-finish metal “CD” clasp inspired by the closure of a perfume bottle. This high quality replica bag comes with a removable signature “CD” chain link shoulder strap, which can be replaced with an embroidered wide shoulder strap for a more elegant and stylish look. It also has a very good capacity to hold all your daily needs.

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低可信度描述已自动生成 建筑的摆设布局

低可信度描述已自动生成 图片包含 建筑, 关, 男人, 鞋

描述已自动生成 图片包含 条纹, 蓝色, 站, 猫

描述已自动生成 图片包含 游戏机, 电话

描述已自动生成 图片包含 机械, 链, 桌子, 自行车


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