13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)

13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

Replica Designer Bags The industry is very professional and there are very many bags of different quality levels, not only is it not easy for buyers to judge the value of the bags, sellers are often unable to judge, many sellers do not have good manufacturer channels, resulting in, either high prices or very poor quality, giving buyers a very poor shopping experience, and multinational express almost impossible to return and exchange, high costs and long processes. Therefore, it is important for buyers to confirm the professionalism and after-sales service capability of the seller before placing an order. Buyers should also learn some simple identification knowledge themselves.

1 Replica bags classification

– Intermediate

– Advanced

– perfect replica

– Tailor-made

1, Intermediate is the medium quality replica bags. That is, with ordinary cowhide, sheepskin and other materials according to the authentic 1:1 ratio of replica, workmanship is better, the price is affordable. Suitable for the circle you live in, there is nothing to use luxury goods (it will be embarrassing to be seen). This grade of replica bags has high sales in Europe and America.

2, Senior (custom) is in the intermediate replica technology using advanced raw materials, more delicate workmanship, higher prices of raw materials in China, higher prices of raw materials in Europe and the United States, suitable for friends with slightly higher requirements. Advanced than intermediate and a grade higher, the price is also a grade higher.

3, Perfect replica, is the highest end replica, using imported senior raw materials, super fine workmanship, completely reach or even exceed the quality and workmanship of the genuine, non-professionals can not see, professionals are not easy to identify. The price is relatively high, according to the authentic pricing, pricing range of 20%-50%, suitable for friends who often use the genuine product and demanding friends, or when the genuine product to send.

4, Tthe original order (also called surplus order, tail order): large foreign brands to provide fabrics, patterns, to the domestic search for manufacturers to produce. The prodects of qualified, is the store “genuine”. Because the brand requirements for the OEM are very strict, leather and hardware are calculated, so this kind of goods are there, but not much, the original order is equivalent to the genuine product. For designer bags, many luxury goods in the country without a foundry, even in the domestic foundry, the brand is very strict management of the channel, it is impossible to have the original order or tailor-made goods.

13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

2 What is the genuine bag in the “rat goods”?

The original single basic no tail goods out, the normal production process after quality inspection, into the store, basically no tail goods generated. Previously, there are remaining materials can be assembled, but now the brand has strict control over the number of materials. Now the tail goods are, before QC, workers steal out, but the number is very small, if there are often stolen packages, will affect the authorization of the factory OEM.

This kind of goods stolen from the foundry is known as rat goods, but not all rat goods can pass the luxury identification and certification, these goods stolen out of the process because of illegal and no packaging, the process will cause defects, part of itself is defective rat goods without factory quality control, this kind of goods more suitable for self-use.

And now many businesses know that the word can make consumers pay, the quality of the slightly better goods are written as rat goods, used to deceive consumers, it is recommended that ordinary consumers do not buy.

13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

3 Most of the agents of designer bags do not have factory channels, not professional

Buyers look at the photos to see the quality of high and low, because many people online now do not first-hand sources, are other people’s agents. These low-end sellers have not seen the bags themselves, no way to distinguish between good and bad, some agents have many distribution channels, such as Facebook, Instagramm, etc.. So just look at the photos useless, different quality level replica bags prices vary greatly.

13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

4 Designer bag stores inspection unveiled

Designer product stores simply do not provide the service of inspection! Some good service attitude boutiques, will check the invoice and small tickets and other documents (note that the store to buy the evidence, not in other stores to buy the evidence). Bad attitude, you take a package to find a boutique inspection, the salesman directly when not seen, will not receive you, because the inspection is not their scope of work.

Hong Kong stores used to support the inspection, now with the development of e-commerce, the channel is too much too chaotic, but also basically do not provide inspection services. So summarize the first point, stores do not provide inspection and identification services! Identification services need to find specialized agencies to pay for identification.

For most buyers, simply will not go to the store to check the goods! In fact, for buyers, to go to the store to check the goods is a very high cost of things. Boutiques do not have the service of inspection, for buyers, many cities do not have designer brand stores, you want to inspect the goods, to go to a large neighboring city, the transportation costs are very high.

Secondly, even if your city has a store, but we have to work, to school, are very busy, if not the bag itself is very problematic, but also look past, in fact, most consumers are very afraid of trouble, because of the fear of trouble, so if the bag is still okay, most consumers will not go to the store inspection!

Even if the inspection out is fake, the seller returned the goods to finish the matter, there is no loss! For bad sellers, for those who say unconditionally support the store inspection of the seller, she sold you a bag, a conservative estimate can earn you more than $ 1000. If you can not or did not go to the store to check the goods, then you must become a great loss.

If you have a channel to check the goods, found to be fake, for the bad seller, she gave you a refund to finish the matter, for her, she lost is the return shipping costs, no other losses.

So please do not believe in the future what the store inspection, will only let you spend more money.

13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

5 Replica bags production process is very complex

The production process of replica bags.

– Purchase the genuine product

– Take a photo to keep the bottom

– Factory splitting

– Plate making

– Analyze the process

– Decompose fabrics and accessories

– Analyze fabric composition and density grammage

– Customize fabrics, accessories and packaging according to the analysis results

– Production

– Post-processing

– Shipping

In fact, the production process of a replica bag is very complicated, far more complicated than most people can imagine.

– There are those who specialize in the production of leather

– There are those who specialize in the production of hardware

– There is a special production of stitching

– There is a special processing of the total assembly

13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

6 How are the highest quality replica bags produced?

Of course for high replica replica manufacturers, there has to be some difference, that is, there are special to see the authentic version. This is a long time in the major stores of personnel, every day to understand and record what new stores out, to understand and record the store leather and hardware models.

Fabric and accessories manufacturers and hardware manufacturers also have such dedicated personnel, every day in the store to inquire about the news, because manufacturers specializing in the production of leather also need to know what the genuine leather is like. So you need to buy the genuine product and go back to the production. By the same token, manufacturers of hardware also need to implement this process in order to ensure the production of the same hardware accessories as the genuine product.

Then the whole process is like this.

– When the boutique launched a new bag after

– Leather, hardware and manufacturers will each go to the boutique

– Go to the boutique to buy a genuine bag

– There may also be just to see the genuine product and record it

– After the authentic bag is bought back

– The leather manufacturer will produce the leather according to the genuine leather and lining

– Then the hardware manufacturer will produce the hardware according to the genuine hardware

– Then the manufacturer will go to the leather manufacturer to buy back the leather, hardware manufacturers to buy back the hardware

– Then they will dismantle the genuine bags they bought and make a pattern according to the dismantled bags

– The so-called pattern is like a tailor making clothes

– To measure the length, width and height

– Then do a good mark and size

– Then start making

– Usually it takes 1-2 months to make a sample of a bag from making a pattern.

– This process is difficult

– Because you have to keep changing

– Constantly to compare with the real product

– This is where the level of handcrafted detail comes into play

– The connection position has to be centered

– Once the pattern is made, small-scale production begins

– The finished product from the small-scale production will enter the market

– The first batch of goods will not be too good

– Because the manufacturer may not pay attention to some details

– This way, after many buyers in the market to continuously select and improve

– Manufacturers will continue to revise the version according to the feedback of buyers

– to improve those details and the need to improve the place

– So after several iterations of revision and optimization

– The production process can be gradually fixed

– So that the mass production can be done later

– Some seasonal models or the latest models will have quality problems due to limited modification time

– Only the classic models with very high sales volume will maintain the best quality, such as the classic models of Louis Vuitton, the quality of the replicas is no longer different from the authentic ones.

13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

7 Professional replica bags sellers do not provide identification services

Professional replica bags sellers have a bottom line, which is to maintain integrity and long-term business. At the same time, professional sellers do not provide appraisal services because this is respect for other sellers. Professional replica bags sellers are respectful of each other.

8 Replica bag products can improve the taste of life

People’s taste will continue to improve as their eyes are opened, but when the speed of taste improvement is higher than the speed of salary increase, people have to choose replica luxury products in order to get the pleasure of experience.

13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

9 Replica bags market overall situation

Replica luxury goods this industry is very professional, most consumers are amateurs, and they will be deceived if they are not careful. Recently there has been a surge of Facebook and TikTok merchants in this business, and many of the product descriptions are not true, so consumers must choose carefully.

10 Replica Bags Origin

99.9% of the replica bags are from Guangdong, China, especially the Pearl River Delta region, the main concentration is Guangzhou and Dongguan. So if a businessman says their bags are built by overseas western leather artisans, it must be false. Because Italian and French bag artisans make more money making real products than making fake ones.

Designer brand luxury goods foundries are mostly in China, only a few authentic rare versions of leather goods are really overseas master build, you can afford to buy authentic are mass-produced!

Countries around the world have taken goods from Guangzhou, even Dubai’s are Guangzhou goods. Whether the other side says it is the goods of Hong Kong or the Philippines, in fact, they are Guangzhou goods!

13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

11 How high is the quality of replica bags?

Now the quality of the mid-range replica bags is 70%-80% of the genuine product, most of the materials used are the first layer of leather, but the real leather in Europe and the United States is not a lot, because Europe and the United States leather is very expensive, texture in all aspects is very close to the genuine product, so someone tell you is the original leather also do not believe.

Bag in addition to the leather is the hardware accessories, which is a big hit, most high imitation hardware can not do very well, especially now the proliferation of reproduction products.

In earlier years, there are many very powerful replica factory, they really will buy the genuine product back to dismantle the playing version, some version of the simulation degree of 95% or more, may spend a month or two of time. But now these factories are hiding to do, the market they do not open stores, because China’s industrial and commercial bureau to check too strict.

But after so many years of doing it, the high-end factories already have fixed channels and sources of customers, so they do not want to risk being caught, in case something happens not only to pay a huge fine, or worse, to go to jail.

But at the same time, these large factories are the source of top-quality goods. Now many factories (in fact, only a few people in small workshops), due to the lack of strength is not possible to buy the real thing back to do, most of the photos or magazines to do the style, the degree of simulation is greatly reduced. Some small workshops also have a way, is to wait for those senior replica factory shipments, and then buy senior replica bags as a version of the redevelopment, so as to save costs. These are the sources of mid-range and high-end goods, is the mainstream of the market, the price is low, very cost-effective.

13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

12 Replica bags of different leather materials and processing

Genuine leather is largely divided into the first layer of leather and two layers of leather, the first layer of leather can be understood as the surface of the skin, there are pores, the pores of each animal are different, most of the bags are made of cowhide or sheepskin. Ostrich skin, snake skin, crocodile skin, lizard skin these are easy to distinguish, but distinguish the good from the bad need experience, see, smell, touch, these are the basic skills.

The second layer of skin is the layer below the skin, no pores, you can understand the beef jerky, no toughness, most used as a shaped package. Now on the market a lot of cross-grain cowhide, patent leather, these processed leather are made of two layers of leather, because in the leather covered with a layer of things, it is difficult to see the pores, cross-grain okay, patent leather can not see the pores, so many businesses use this to choose two layers of leather, low price, high utilization. So you buy Prada’s “killer” bags, patent leather LV (Louis Vuitton) bags should be careful, with cheap two-layer leather do, and even useful PU (plastic) do, especially purses, consumers should be careful.

But sometimes we buy some first layer of leather bags, will see similar scratches or some places more wrinkled, this is normal, because no one can guarantee that a cow’s skin will not have injuries.

13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

13 Replica bags different colors

Many replica bags factories will develop their own research and development, research and development stores do not have the model, especially the color, they will choose some of the more popular color shipments, so that customers feel they are buying a special model will not hit the bag.

Once and a designer replica luxury goods manufacturers friends shopping market, he saw a wallet, deliberately went over to ask whether this color authentic. I was wondering why he asked this, but the little sister said, this replica wallet is based on the genuine product, the version to do. After coming out, the manufacturer friend said to me that the wallet is that they do that wallet left a lot of tail material, feel wasteful pity on their own assembled a colorful models out, stores can not have that color, equal to that wallet is their own research and development out.

Replica bags factories really do not waste a little material, the real goodies will not have so many styles, buy replica bags before the buyer better see the authentic, strange and bizarre style must not buy!

13 tips for buying replica designer bags online (2022 updated)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

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