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The Chanel price increases over the past several years have been crazy! I remember when I was looking to buy my first Chanel and first luxury designer bag the SA told me that Chanel increases their prices (I’m assuming in part) to help hold the value but the rate at which these increases came is crazy indeed! I don’t think Chanel will ever bring back gold plated hardware on a regular basis because I think this may reduce the value of all the bags that were produced without the gold plated hardware or maybe when they have increased the price so much bringing back gold hardware will not necessarily devalue the non gold plated bags because of how much the prices have gone up?. Maybe they would do it for a limited collection but I think they should bring it back too. I definitely agree it appears they are doing this for exclusivity and it does feel like a slap in the face for the customer. I heard about the article where rich women buy superfakes but as I recall, they have/had authentic bags so they already know what it is like to experience the real thing and have most likely the boutique experience. The whole production of the superfakes/fakes (not dupes) is also very contentious in terms of how these bags are produced/where they are coming from. The way I see it is if someone normally buys some bags that would add up to the price of the current price of the Chanel classic flap and they really want it, they will most likely buy one but for many this is unattainable especially during a recession. Great points and have a great weekend!


I am originally from Istanbul and there is a shop in the Grand Bazaar which is famous for its top notch quality replicas. Tbh you know to know someone who knows someone to be a customer of that shop as well  Obviously they do not sell these replicas on the ground floor but on the upper floor which not everyone is permitted to enter. Nevertheless a lot of elites and Hollywood celebrities are known to visit that shop on their Istanbul visit to purchase their replicas.


I watch your videos all the time, I never leave a comment until now. Chanel has went woke and crazy. You are, we all are too good to jump thru these crazy hoops Question: Where Chanel gonna be witbout clients?? I will tell you where, BROKE AND OUT OF BUSINESS. Have a blessed day.
apparently were cases when Hermes were selling fake quota bags in their store… so this unfortunately really damages my fate in all brands … but I see slowly but surely people will stop this mad consumerism because right now the brands make their most money from Chinese customers and before it used to be Japanese – so I think Chinese consumerism will slow down too…and then what would brands do then?
It’s hard to justify paying 10k for a bag, even when i make good money now. I can’t in good conscience spend on it. I’d literally have to be a millionaire for that purchase to be worth it. My realtor brain says that’s a down payment on a house or condo depending what market you live in. I enjoyed your video!!!
I actually just got a fendi baguette and it was so much cheaper than Chanel bag and I love that the leather is so soft I think fendi has very nice bags now and not everybody is carrying them so it’s a little more unique I see so many people walking around with Chanel 19 or flap and it’s so unoriginal. I was just in Paris and I did by Chanel bag there that was a seasonal bag for spring, and it wasn’t expensive like the classic flap . I can’t bring myself to spend that much money on a bag.
I’ve never bought a fake, but for designer bags, especially Chanel CF bags that continue to rise in price and are hard to buy, I might consider a fake, and might have to, Chanel’s corporate marketing strategy of making people wait, which is not good
Chanel super fake bags from Shebag are good quality, CF bags cost around $300 and are almost identical to the real thing, I don’t think I’ll be standing in line at the boutique
Items like this were always meant to be for wealthy women. Once they became mainstream where anyone could have one, something had to be done otherwise they will completely lose their cache. Understood. One of the ways, perhaps the most effective way to bring back the exclusivity is to raise the prices but, if/when the quality goes down that is when you really have to acknowledge that you are being played. I have always been able to afford what I want, however, I value the hard work it takes to make money, save money, invest money, grow money, and then spend money reasonably. I was taught this from the beginning and it has served me well. So now that games are being played I just feel that I’m not going to be treated as a fool and allow someone to take advantage of me because it is degrading. Therefore I have purchased my last Chanel handbag. There are others out there that are very high quality and less well known that attract me since I am not a “hey everybody, look what I can afford!” kind of person. People who know how to spot quality in fabrics, cuts and stitchery will see others who likewise wear certain clothing and jewelry, quiet manicures, no fake hair including wigs and extensions, false eyelashes except for a dressy evening occasion, tasteful makeup, etc. Quality is the real deal, everything fake is cheap and distasteful. So in the end, you have to decide who and what you are and show that to the world. Whatever you decide, it’s your choice.
I have to say, I rolled up my eyes as soon as I saw another video talking about Chanel PI but…listening to your video, made me realize that ppl are not seeing the habits of the old money (like you said ). Regardless of how different we may think about CC PIs, IMHO when you go and buy luxury, you should know that these are luxury items, not necessities and there is no need to buy and buy unnecessary and unlimited amount of them. I still love Chanel, I think there are plenty of bags to pick and I am definitely more careful before making a purchase. I want that item to pass it on to my daughter just like you said 
I agree the prices are outrageous! I get they want to be exclusive but the way they are going about it is just wrong. I purchased my first Chanel Jumbo 7 years ago in London and it was 3425 pounds and in the states it was 5500 and now today for it to be a whopping 11000 is insane! I love the brand but with these prices I will not be getting anymore bags.
Chanel’s prices are ridiculous now and the quality is so poor. They realized the “nouveau riche social media life” will get people to buy anything to seem wealthy. I’m a long time Chanel beauty and accessories lover since I was in college but refuse to buy anything these days. Everyone has a bag it seems. It’s no longer anything special. (Why they’re trying to raise prices to gain exclusivity back. The problem is the quality is now horrid)
Old money goes in hand with classic and simple. There are a lot of ghetto people with money and you can always tell who they are because they are flashy with luxury logos and over the top brands and it looks tacky. You can be a millionaire and own expensive things but still be ghetto and tacky. Old money to me, is people love Ralph Lauren and Loro Piana; very equestrian or preppy styles, polished makeup, simple manicures, classic cars like vintage land rovers…. Demure and refined taste and heirloom items weather it’s cars, clothes, jewelry or home decor etc that can be passed on to next generations. Most clothing pieces don’t even have a logo, Loro Piana is a “if you know you know” brand. Small logos, quality pieces that will never go out of style. I understand that they want to raise their prices in hopes that it remains special and exclusive instead of at the hands of the tacky rich. Similar to Ferrari, only certain people can purchase their cars and they ban certain celebrities from having their cars when they see how they alter the cars making them ghetto. You are very classy and I understand what you are trying to say, so respectful that you wish not to offend certain people.
Uello. Is not only Chanel.Just look at LV. the prices are not affordable at least for me. My luggage is all LV that I got many years ago when I could buy them .Now it is out of the question. Not to mention the imitations!!! you pay for one and some next to you has an equal one that cost $300. I went to a place here in iam and sold all my LV. I kept two because I got them in Europa and those models never came to the US. I would love to own a Chanel but that is not possible. I will look into LOEWE. their prices seem more reasonable,XO
The price increase is crazy! And these Chanel rules I didn’t know about (I thought it was just Hermes) is ridiculous. Hopefully this will push people to shop other brands or pre-loved. I can’t believe how real that replica looks. If I saw that bag I would never know. Thank you for the information on the price increases and Chanel rules. You should not feel bad or apologize for the price you pay for your Chanel bags. You work hard on social media, your restaurants, wedding planning, etc you don’t need to justify. Everyone has a choice on what they can spend their money on and afford
Let me start by saying, I love me a Chanel bag. Lol. I however hate supporting a company who does not care in the least about me but I do not believe in buying replicas either. Chanel’s only concern is to make as much of a profit as they possibly can. They hire business geniuses, great accountants and the best marketing firms, etc. to figure out the best strategies to sell as much as they can at the highest price with the lowest investment possible. It’s all about supply and demand and they are well aware of their clientele’s mentalities and use psychological marketing ploys to create a want or perceived need for their merchandise and I hate being used like that! Lol. If the exclusivity ploy gets them the results they want, ie. to get you to buy, pay more, feel special, or to steer you to a less popular in stock bag, then that is what they’ll do. Also, the “exclusivity” probably keeps their manufacturing cost lower. Smaller/less factories, less employees equal a bigger profit. The bottom line is that there is a lot of stuff going on in the background and it’s not about being exclusive per say but unfortunately about the almighty dollar.

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Hi Jackeline, I totally agree with you about games these large houses are playing. I can’t do it. If I have $ and want to purchase a bag with my specific size, colour, leather etc why can’t I buy it? Why do I have to be on a list and made to feel like I have to buy a bag they offer me and not one I wanted in the first place. I have three classic bags and the way the prices are increasing I may not be able to purchase another which is a shame. I don’t believe in purchasing replicas as that is allowing counterfeits to continue. I love Chanel and I’m truly disappointed with this.
Well good luck for Chanel, to become Hermes. It doesnt look that way. Chanel bags and RTW is flashed on second hand markets, and for much lower prices vs Hermes it bags, you would have to pay much more on second hand market. Well i understand that Chanel became too basic, meaning reachable to so many, and of course its loosing value for the wealthy ones. They want more exclusive items to wear, although in these days , i dont think its realistic, the only way that can happen, if economy completely collapses, which might, in that case , they can and will be exclusive only to super rich . Now also prices going up like crazy everywhere, and its by design…, and also look who is running this country, its a disaster about to happen. We will not need to worry if we can afford Chanel, we will be looking for food.  Now i like to shop smart. All my Chanel bags and RTW, which i have full closet, is from second hand market, but its new, or like new, minus crazy price I do buy , wear, and then some of them i sell. Of course there are some classic pieces, that i will never sell. And also in my new stage in life, once my shopping budget becomes pretty hefty, i might buy from Chanel, first hand, but probably more RTW , just because some pieces never show up in resale market, or a bag, or something i really want right away, otherwise , i will buy from second hand market. Its not so scary. You have to look at who is selling., do a little research, and have that gut feeling  Have a blessed day
I feel very disappointed with Chanel and these very high price increases. I can’t believe that 4 years ago these same bags cost 60% less and that was STILL expensive! I feel that Chanel is telling us, the regular person, that they don’t want our business. I would love to see how their sales do after this and see others are as fed up as I am with their price gouging.
My regret is that I didn’t purchase the bag that I wanted in 2020 by Chanel, I can forget now, I’m no paying their increased bags they’re not even the same, not worth it to me. You are absolutely right. BTW you look beautiful.