Want to buy high quality designer replica bags online? Check quality levels first!

Want to buy high quality designer replica bags online? Check quality levels first!-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

As a fashionable woman who loves luxury bags, I have bought several authentic products from boutiques and have come into contact with replica bags, so I have some understanding of replica luxury bags. The price of replica bags from different manufacturers varies greatly, with prices ranging from $10 to over $1000, and the highest quality replica products are the same as the genuine article.


1 Replica bags are roughly divided into 4 grades


The bags below grade A are ground floor goods, the worst quality. The price is around $10 and is a toy.

A goods bags, made of cowhide second layer, so unlike the real thing, will become beeswax color with the use of time.

A + bags, made by the first layer of cowhide, will be like the real thing, with the use of time into beeswax color, quality and A goods similar, epidermal texture and metal materials are very ordinary, with the touch can feel the difference, the feel is very rough.

(1:1) Super A bag: made of high-grade cowhide, grade in the upper, the production of fine more, the price is relatively high, usually below $ 600, good quality.

Original leather bags: made of imported cowhide, senior goods, will not be crude production time consuming fine, strict quality control, emphasizing the hand strict down-to-earth, which is the best choice to spend a relatively low price to buy and authentic bags of comparable quality, but also for the public. The price is more than $1000.

2 Emphasis: “1:1 bag” the difference between the leather and the original leather


1:1 bag because it is ordinary leather, just according to the genuine 1:1 bag imitation out, smell no leather fragrance. But the original leather smells like a unique leather fragrance. The average consumer with 1:1 bags is about the same, the quality is also good, but now it is, because everyone’s eyes are getting more and more powerful, more and more picky about the luxury goods around the original leather for the original leather imports, directly on the color process, the texture is natural, not pressed and made.

The original leather texture is clear and irregular, just like human fingerprints, are unique. To distinguish is actually very simple, the original leather grain will not be ordinary cowhide so regular, because it is natural growth, it is impossible not to exist exactly the same texture. The original leather is durable, the more lustrous, is the highest-end cowhide, non-ordinary cowhide comparable.

3 Scarce original single quality replica bags


Original single quality made by imported senior cowhide, the production process are sewn by hand, fine hand, first-class texture. Because the production is not much, and are made of top quality materials, so the price is high, love the bag friends, this kind of bag is worth treasuring. (So far, I bought all the bags, only two small brands are the original single, so the original single bag is really very little.)

4 Conclusion


Replica luxury bags market sellers are very many, different quality bags are also very, before placing an order must confirm the quality level of the bag, and to confirm that the quality of the bag and the price match.


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