Best and cheap replica FENDI bag styles: FENDI First (2022 Latest)

Best and cheap replica FENDI bag styles: FENDI First (2022 Latest)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

FENDI latest model king bomb! Recently, FENDI has launched a new bag, a good brush screen! Many stars have been using it recently! The FENDI First bag, first appeared in the FENDI 2021 fall-winter ready-to-wear series show, is definitely the latest and brightest new design from FENDI! When it comes to the FENDI 2021 fall/winter ready-to-wear collection, I believe that girls who are concerned about fashion should be quite impressed with this show. This show is the first ready-to-wear collection after Kim Jones became the artistic director of FENDI women’s wear!

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1 Most popular FENDI bag styles: FENDI First

Kim Jones is very good at combining street style and high fashion, and he is one of my all-time favorite designers! His designs always give a different and fresh look, and the overall look is particularly awesome, yet young and manageable! He’s also injected a different kind of energy into Fendi, which has been a particular sensation in the fashion world! So it’s super exciting to see both new designs and the recreation and fusion of classic elements in the new collection! When I was watching the show, my eyes were totally attracted to Fendi First! In addition to Baguette and Peekaboo, most of the models in the show were also holding this.

The FENDI First bag is a rare FENDI handbag type in recent years, with a soft body and wide shape. Give a simple and atmospheric, full of the beauty of natural lines. In addition to the bag type, the most special part of this bag is its letter F bag buckle. The slightly tilted three-dimensional letter F, incarnated into the bag’s lock and frame, looks like a small arching peak, the design is advanced, restrained and full of ingenuity. Such a large F, although very iconic, is naturally integrated into the design, adding a very unique asymmetrical geometry to the clutch. The artistic sense of three-dimensional clasp, and the broad cloud bag shape with the lazy spontaneity and modern hard balance just right. This unique shape is not really an entry-level bag, but rather a very tasteful and not bad money will choose the advanced level bag.

Best and cheap replica FENDI bag styles: FENDI First (2022 Latest)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

2 FENDI First is very good in material

In fact, Fendi First is so attractive, there is also a very important point, is that its materials and details, are inherited from Fendi bag models consistently excellent texture. Its body is made of Nappa lambskin, which is particularly soft and gives the bag a sense of natural and lazy lines. Not only does it look premium, it feels silky smooth like cream and has just the right amount of shine. This kind of Fendi bone comes with a sense of luxury, really use it will make people have a very enjoyable feeling, the real thing than look more grass! You can go to the store to feel, really feel especially good!

It is not only the leather of the body of the bag feels good, even the leather model FENDI First lining, but also not sloppy. Specially selected the classic FF LOGO pattern fabric as the lining. Canvas material is more durable, and at the same time is the collision combination of classic elements and new bag models. The first time I opened this bag, it really gave me a big surprise! In addition to the leather model, if you like a little more special First, you can look at this wool material. This one is very interesting! Its body is covered with Karligraphy pattern, which is actually a tribute to Karl Lagerfeld, the former creative director of FENDI.

The handwritten front and back FF LOGO, looking at that very warm sense of art, and a kind of court aristocratic temperament, especially attractive. The FENDI First bag models in the current fall/winter collection all use nude, black, brown and other earthy color schemes, which look both gentle and very high class.

Best and cheap replica FENDI bag styles: FENDI First (2022 Latest)-Best Quality Fake designer Bag Review, Replica designer bag ru

3 FENDI First bag: 3 sizes to choose

From the size point of view, Fendi First has three sizes: medium, small and Nano. Among them is the size of the models on the runway commonly carried, the bag body is relatively large, the sense of shape is particularly strong. Like such a hand-carried a hold, highlighting the bag’s nobility and texture, but also super attitude and sense of sophistication, just how to shoot are very good!

This big bag body, especially suitable with a well-cut and sharp suit, immediately highlights the dashing and competent big woman aura. Or when attending an important occasion, wear an elegant and advanced dress with this bag, will be more tasteful than the general clutch, but also absolutely calm the field! However, although the medium size is fashionable, arguing shape strength first-class, but because the bag body is still quite large, will be more suitable for tall, or daily pay attention to the dressing girls. The small size of the bag body is more compact, relatively speaking, is also more suitable for the general public. A variety of height body girls, can be perfectly managed.

A small bag, casually holding, holding, carrying, it is easy to get the kind of modern girls most want, careless and very attitudinal sense of fashion. Because of the unique shape of Fendi First, it looks like an exquisite and advanced artwork. So even if you don’t carry it on your back, it’s super beautiful when you just leave it there quietly, and it even looks better and better!

Don’t look at the small size, but because of the three-dimensional shape of the bag, so it has a very good capacity, completely adequate for everyday use, even the largest iPhone can be loaded. And this kind of small handbag, itself is one of the most versatile items. Whether it is an elegant and feminine dress or a casual style that is casual, all kinds of styles can be perfectly matched, so it can be the best choice to enhance the chicness.

There is also a minimal Nano size, tiny and super cute, just like a delicate little package. Not only cute, but also because the Nano size is a reduced size super mini bag, also just in line with the current trend, daily back out absolutely super fashionable. The bag will look like an aristocratic girl with a kind of quirky and dexterous temperament when you wear a dress. And this little bag, also very suitable as a small charm, is a fashionable and very show taste and financial power of choice. Having said that, there may still be people who feel that although the handbag is very fashionable, but can not be carried on the body, the daily use is always a little inconvenient.

But here at Fendi First, you don’t have to worry about that at all! No matter which size of FENDI First, the shoulder strap can be removed and replaced at will! You can continue to maintain the fashionable way of holding the handbag, but also carry it to free your hands, fashionable and practical at once is perfectly compatible. In fact, changing different straps can also bring more possibilities to this bag. The FF logo metal chain is particularly eye-catching and adds a sense of beauty to this bag, which instantly upgrades the chicness of this bag! And the metal ring that connects the shoulder strap can be rotated and put into the bag by just lifting it gently. This makes it a superb clutch bag when the shoulder strap is not in use, and the detailing is a particular plus!